Shopify Users’ List

Do you cater to companies who use Shopify? Do
you have a product that will be useful to
Shopify users? If you do, then Shopify Users’
list is the one-stop shop for all your needs. It
is a repository of contact information of all
the companies that use Shopify. Promote your
brand and escalate your visibility among the
stakeholders in these companies by sending them
emails about your products and services.

Total Available Counts: 726,886
Companies that Use Shopify: 141,347
Decision Makers: 112,987

Take advantage of Shopify Users’ Mailing List and get noticed

If you are interested in making long-term business relations with companies that use Shopify then get hold of our Shopify Users’ Email List and start sending promotional emails today. Our list is pre-verified, authentic, and up-to-date. The contacts are checked via phone and email before getting added to the list. Repetitive and invalid entries are immediately removed so that you don’t have to settle for low quality. You can completely rely on our database and start your marketing campaigns!
With our lists of companies using Shopify you can reach out to Shopify users across the USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia, and many more countries.

Target the clients who have shown interest in your products

Personalization is a very important part of marketing in today’s world. If you want to excel in business then consider sending personalized emails to your target audience. Buy our list of Shopify customers and filter them using the customizability feature of the list. Reach out to the audience who will benefit from your product. We have access to databases that have millions of contacts that are collected from trusted sources. If you are facing any issues, our customer service representatives are there to help you.

Data Counts for Shopify Users Email List

List of Companies Using Shopify




Decision Makers (CVDM)


Total Countries


Inside the Shopify Users’ list

Once you buy Shopify Users’ Email List, you will get access to information like:

How to customize the list

Define the characteristics of the audience you want to target and refine the list based on parameters like:

Run multi-channel campaigns for better reach

Shopify Users’ marketing Database supports multi-channel marketing campaigns. Since it has data like phone number, email ID, Address, etc. you can target the audience via different channels like:

Connect with Key Decision Makers from companies that are using Shopify

Our list helps you to establish meaningful connections with:

Approaching these stakeholders with targeted product offerings that align with their specific roles and objectives within the Shopify ecosystem can increase the chances of success in selling products related to Shopify.

Seamless data integration for better results

Effortlessly integrate our Shopify email data with multiple sales channels and platforms, boosting marketing automation, customer relationship management, and sales effectiveness.

How do we deliver Shopify Users’ data

Integrating our data lists with your existing CRM is simple now. We can deliver customized Shopify Users’ Mailing lists in XLS or CSV format in 3 to 5 business days so that you don’t have to keep waiting to start your marketing journey!

Companies Currently Using Shopify (Sample Data)

Company name Revenue City State Zipcode Country Phone Email
Advanced Bionics Corporation 51M-200M Valencia CA 91355 USA *61-***-1400 Jrobin***@advanced*****.com
Weyerhaeuser 5001M-10000M Seattle WA 98104 USA *06-***-3000 brent.****@weyerhae***.com
XPO Logistics 10001 M + Los Angeles CA 90040/td> USA 9*0-***-0995 shoaib.***
Wightman & Parrish Ltd 11M-50M Hailsham BN27 2QA United Kingdom +*4-13-****-5001 robert.*****
Wightman & Parrish Ltd 11M-50M Hailsham BN27 2QA United Kingdom +*4-13-****-5001 robert.*****
Al Futtaim 10001 M + Dubai United Arab Emirates +*71-4-***-9222 jessica.******@alfut*
Advanced Electronics Company 201M-500M Riyadh 13456 Saudi Arabia +*66-11-***-1350 nasser.****-chaib@a*
Ausgrid 1001M-5000M Sydney NSW 2000 Australia +*1-2-***9-4200 michael.******@ausg*
Merck 10001 M + Buenos Aires Argentina +*4-11-****-8100 horacio.******@me*
ABN AMRO Bank N.V 5001M-10000M Amsterdam 1082 PP Netherlands +*1-10-2**-17-*3 lindsey.bokk*****@abn*
Zuellig Pharma 10001M + Singapore Singapore 498770 Singapore +*5-****-8188 mkam***@zuelli**

Benefits of Shopify Users’ List

Target and Sell to the Right Prospects in Technology Business

Increased Sales

Promote products or services that complement Shopify or provide solutions that enhance its functionality.

Market Research

Email lists can be a valuable source of market research data. You can use them to gather insights, conduct surveys, and better understand the needs and preferences of Shopify users, helping you refine your offerings.

Efficient Marketing

Email marketing is a cost-effective and efficient way to engage with potential customers. You can run targeted email campaigns, share product updates, offer discounts, and keep your audience informed about relevant developments.

Recruit Personnel

The Shopify Users’ List can be a valuable resource for recruitment purposes as it provides access to professionals who are already familiar with the Shopify platform, making it easier to target and connect with potential candidates possessing relevant expertise.

Direct Reach

Shopify User’s email Lists allow you to directly reach individuals and businesses that are already using Shopify or related solutions.

Networking Opportunities

Shopify users’ email lists can open doors for networking and collaboration within the Shopify community. You can connect with decision-makers, professionals, and experts in the field.

Brand Awareness

Consistent communication with Shopify users through email can help build brand awareness and establish your company as a trusted resource within the Shopify ecosystem.

Why Buy Shopify Users Email List from Us

Customization Options

Industry/Niche: Specify your target audience and choose a list focused on your relevant industry or niche.

Job Titles: Narrow down further by targeting specific job titles within your ideal companies.

Location: Consider geographically relevant lists if appropriate for your campaign.

Demographics: If demographics are critical, choose a list based on age, gender, or education criteria.

Updated and Verified Data

Verification: Look for lists with verified email addresses to minimize bounces and ensure deliverability. Opt for double opt-in lists where users explicitly confirmed their subscription.

Spam traps: Ensure the list has been scrubbed for spam traps, which can land you on blacklists and damage your sender reputation.

Updated List: Choose a list with recently updated contact information to avoid outdated or inactive addresses.

Compliance and Legality

GDPR and CCPA: Ensure the list provider complies with data privacy regulations, especially if targeting recipients in Europe or California.

Spam laws: Choose a list built by adhering to anti-spam laws like CAN-SPAM in the US.

Replacement Guarantee

Guarantees and support: Look for providers offering replacement guarantees for invalid emails and responsive customer support.

Opt-in Permission

Verify that all recipients on the list have explicitly consented to receive marketing emails.

High Conversion Rates

We guarantee the highest deliverability and adhere to the CAN spam act. Therefore, all data in our Shopify Decision Makers Email Directory is accurate. Moreover, there are fewer chances of failed campaigns, email bounce, return email, and spam.

We Maintain the Best Standards of Privacy and Security

How to get a Shopify Customers List from IT Decision Makers List?

Share Your Specs and Request for a Sample

Based on your sales and marketing goals, share your unique specifications for a Companies that use Shopify and send in a request for a sample.

Get Your FREE Sample and Data Counts

Our data experts will design a need-specific List of Companies that use Shopify sample that is freshly validated with quality contacts and includes the overall counts for your specification.

Finalize Specs and Purchase Your Customized Dataset

Once you have reviewed the sample, you can have changes made to the specifications and then purchase the full set of records or a part of them, as you please. Reach out to us today and avail your robust Shopify Customers Lists. Experience lower churn rates with this exclusively designed list and elevate your marketing strategies like never before!

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